Welcome To Our 9 Month Traffic Program Order Form: We offer a 9 month traffic program for you that will bring you traffic over a 9 month period. There is a wide variety of traffic types that you can order, including FTC restricted content. Minimum order for the 9 month traffic program is 90,000 visitors. You can order more then that, but 90K is the minimum. Your order will be split over a 9 month period evenly for the amount ordered. If you don't see your traffic type listed on this page, doesn't mean we don't supply it. We only list the most popular traffic program types from past experience from clients who have been ordering from us since 1999. If you have any special request for a traffic program for the amount, delivery, or traffic type, please contact us, and we will do our best to make it happen

for you. We will work with you on a personal level to get the best program for you at a good price.

New clients who have not ordered from us before, "MUST" first be verified by us before we will process your order! If you are not willing to be verified by us, then please don't order, your funds will be returned to you. Clients who have ordered through us before don't have to go through this process. We take our business, traffic, and clients very seriously. We don't like putting new clients through this process. This is done to help protect you, and us from anyone using either a fraudulent credit card or unauthorized use of your paypal account, or theft of id. We take a very personal touch with our clients, and work with them on a one to one basis to provide them with the best traffic services, and the results they want to achieve. You will not find another traffic company that is willing to do this, if this is something that interests you, check out our 2 month traffic program menu below.

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Item's 1,2,3,6,7,8, *Must be filled in. Item's� #4, & #5 are only chosen by you if you have selected to receive
traffic that calls for country, and or category when selecting the campaign type (1). There is no country, or
category on all FTC restricted content when choosing the campaign type (1)

We will not process any "new client" orders under any circumstances unless you have been verified.


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