Check out our exchange services page, and learn how to increase traffic visitors to your site with using our free exchange services. Getting Verified: All new clients of "MUST" be verified by us before we will process any new client orders, or products, there are "NO" exceptions to the rule.! Why do we do this, why is this necessary? There has been a rash of credit card fraud, ID theft, and unauthorized, or stolen paypal accounts. We are trying to protect you/us from being the victim of fraud. We don't like doing this, and we hope you understand. We deliver quality traffic visitors, and want quality clients who don't mind being verified by us first. If you are still interested in ordering any of our traffic packages, then just follow the instructions below to get verified. If you decide not to be verified by us, there are other ways to pay without going through this process!! If you have any concerns, don't hesitate to email us, or give us a call, & we will answer any questions that you might have either about our services.

Payment Methods: We have many way for you to pay for our services, most need to verified by us, others like paying by check, money order, bank transfer, and Western Union don't need any verification, but certain funds have to clear first before we process your order. We only accept orders from present clients using paypal, credit cards, and our merchant account. If you need to pay using a different method, please contact us, or visit our payment page for details.

Any Expense Caused, there is no cost to you at all. If for some reason there is some type of cost, we will fully take care of it, or add the extra cost to your order. You will find mailing, fax, and payment information listed at the bottom of this page. The sooner we receive your order, payment, and get verified, the sooner we can start your traffic campaign.

Step 1: Only go through these steps if you want to place an order, and are willing to be verified by us. Place your order using the order form. Please fill in all the information, it will be necessary. Your IP is being tracked, and will show up on your recite as part of your order. Please put a contact tel# for us to reach you at. We also may request that you fax us some type of official doc with your name, and address on there. This could include drivers license, electric bill, water bill, credit card bill, anything that we can verify. Any and all information that you share with us is held in the strictest confidence and is only used to verify who you are. You can block any full account numbers that you submit to us.

Step 2: We will contact you by phone to verify your order, and to make sure it matches up with what is listed with your account. If for some reason it is different then what is listed, we need to know why. At last resort, we will send a letter to you that will have to be signed for at the address that is listed, and submitted to us.

Step 2: Once we have verified you, we will then process your order, and email either your login details, or send you the product that you have ordered from us.

Final Step: Is our contact information, mailing address, and fax telephone number for verification purpose's. This info is for new clients willing to be verified by us. If you are paying by a different means, then visit our payment page. LLC
PMB140 35246 US Hwy 19 N.
Palm Harbor Fl 34684
Tel# 1-727-772-8462
Fax# 1-419-972-0457

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